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Lacquer Retarder

A variety of SPECIALTY ITEMS are available to complete the Valspar Wood Finishes product line. Specialty items include solvents, cure retarders and a variety of specialized coating additives that help maximize success with Valspar's finishing systems. They help assist the individual applicator with further customization of finishes and include:

  • A wide variety of solvents for reducing viscosity, adjusting application and curing properties
  • Additives to adjust gloss and improve odor during application
  • Various pre-fills and fillers to aid in preparation of the wood substrate prior to finishing
  • Unique finish accents to help produce truly custom looks and finishes

Specialty Items Include

  • Vinyl Washcoat
  • Crackle Lacquer
  • RTU Filler
  • Anti-Fisheye Additive
  • Strippable Spray Booth Coating
  • EZ Thinner
  • Rich Hot Spray Thinner
  • Urethane Reducer
  • Lacquer Retarder
  • Naptha
  • Varsol
  • Aromatic 150
  • Acid Catalyst
  • Zenith Catalyst
  • Urethane Catalyst